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Where are you going with your business?

In today's intensely competitive and rapidly changing world,


business owners, executives and entrepreneurs


need a clear, memorable definition of success and path to get there. 


Strategic ROADMAP  was developed for you



Developing the Strategic

ROAD is iterative

The MAP focuses on 



What does success look like?


Where will you play to deliver the Results?


Why will you win (and be profitable)?


What does the business look like?

Milestones & Metrics:

What will you measure to assure you are making progress?


What is the plan to achieve the critical path?


Who do you need to partner with and what is your plan to engage them?

Where are you going with your business?

The questions apply at the corporate, business unit or project level.

Equally, they can be framed for core or disruptive business growth

and are important for start-ups to address. 


Strategic ROADMAP provides a sharp, clear and focused business strategy and execution plan that will help you be more successful.

Contact Shafers' Innovation and Business Building Services (SIBBS) and we'll help you:

 - align your team,

 - clarify priorities and

 - empower the organization

to achieve the Results you're looking for.

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